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BoxOffice July 24, 1943

"shorts program will consist of 16 one-reel M-G-M cartoons in Technicolor, 14 one-reel Pete Smith Specialties, 12 onereel PitzPatrick Traveltalks in Technicolor (an Ail-American traveltalk series of material photographed in the United States 10 one-reel M-G-M all-stars: 4 two-reel M-G-M specials, including "Crime Does Not Pay" stories and other two-reel ideas. This makes a total of 56 subjects in addition to 104 issues of "News of the Day.""

"Paramount Will Continue

Puppetoons' Distribution

George Pal's Puppetoons will continue to be distributed by Paramount. A new contract has been signed providing for Pal to make eight of the animated Technicolor shorts during the '43- '44 season. The deal was closed here between Pal and Dick Murray, head of Paramount's briefies department, who has returned to New York. The new contract starts Pal's fourth year with the company."

"predicting that Walt Disney's film version of "Victory Through Air Power." from Major Alexander P. de Seversky's best-selling tome of the same name, would establish a new high in controversy as concerns Hollywood features."

department. Time devoted two columns of the first page of its important army and section to commenting on "Air Power." In view of its customary tongue-in-cheek attitude toward most of the film capitol's efforts. Time's analysis of the Disney of fering may be considered favorable. Such special treatment land it will probably be followed by scores of other widelyread publications whether favorable or not, will certainly help to sell tickets which is, after all, the point in which United

"Bridgeport, gets an orchid for Adhis 'Wednesday war stamp matinees. mission to the special cartoon shows is at least 20 cents in war stamps, and the response is great, as is the acclaim of the local committee."

"Disney's 'Air Power'

Gets Big Publicity

Disney's United Artists release, "Victory Through Air Power," which had its premiere at the Globe Theatre here, was ushered in with one of the biggest newspaper publicity barrages ever accorded a Disney production. Prior to the opening a special screening of the film was held at the Banshee Luncheon, which was attended by Who's Who of newspaperdom representing persons well known in literature, columnists as well as editorial chiefs of all leading syndicates. Following this the picture started to roll up newspaper lineage never before witnessed in the local area. Among the many outstanding publicity breaks accorded the picture were: a twopage 4-color center spread in the magazine section of the New York Times; blackand-white layouts in Life, editorially in the Mirror, Dorothy Kilgallen's column in the Journal-American, a smash break in Time in their army and navy section, as well as the cover and two-pages in Liberty and page breaks in the American Weekly and Look. Complete syndicate coverage, consisting of feature and art breaks by AP, UP and NANA, resulted in the film garnering national coverage for both Disney and on Maj. Alexander P. de

Seversky's theories on air power. The picture also secured exceptional breaks in local society pages via the special preview held at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel where Elsa Maxwell, Roy Disney, Albert Lasker and Major Seversky were


p (showmndiser 15)
"Trained fleas, skiis and other decomical. vices are used in the regiment in true com-





a cartoon

that should please


Canine Commandos


(Lantz Cartunes)




carver by avocation; Charles Belden, who operates an antelope ranch, and Arendt Kuelper, carpenter who embroiders in his spare time. This is an entertaining and informative reel for the entire family.

Good, Andy Pandy

training dogs for the



The Uninvited Pest



(M-G-M Cartoon)

The bear


8 Mina.


set for

a peaceful

snooze, but the squirrel has other plans. In his search for nuts, the squirrel spoils the bear's sleep. The latter tries to get even but the squirrel is too nimble. The short is


Yankee Doodle Mouse



(M-G-M Cartoon)



Socko. Modified mayhem at a dizzy pace dished out as the cartoon mouse conducts a one-man blitz against his traditional enemy and the poor cat hasn't a chancel The rodent unearths more fireworks than were ever dreamed of, and his victim is

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