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090 Camouflage

Title: Camouflage
Studio: Terry
Date: 08/27/43
Credits: -
http://ftvdb.bfi.org.uk/sift/title/160364 says
Production Company
Presented by
SCHEIB, Philip A."
Series: Terry-Toons (possibly Gandy and Sourpuss)
Running time (of viewed version): -
Commercial DVD Availability: -

Synopsis: -

Comments: A missing cartoon. And more than simply missing; Boxoffice does not list it at least as late as 10/2/43. However, as of 11/13/43 (possibly earlier), BoxOffice lists it as having been released 8/27 (and spelled as seen above). Supposedly a Gandy Goose cartoon.

"Gandy Goose in Camouflage
Document number:
Date of Recordation:
September 11, 1987
Entire Copyright Document:
V2299 P253-525
Registration Number Not Verified:
Gandy Goose in Camouflage / (Terrytoon cartoon) R490675.
Number of similar titles:
Variant title:
Terrytoon cartoon
Title appears in Document:
G.I. blues & 1644 other titles. (Part 003 of 008)

Read more: http://www.faqs.org/copyright/kiko-the-kangaroo-in-a-battle-royal-terrytoon-cartoon-2/#ixzz1LnUKuBCh"

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BoxOffice August 28, 1943

BoxOffice August 28, 1943

Two shift Puppetoon production

"cartoons for local placement follow. These are by "Popeye" and "Snuffy Smith." They can be placed locally, as King Features Syndicate has given permission. Two full pages are devoted to accessories. National Screen will have four"

"At the Bridgeport house four Disney Technicolor shorts were labeled the "Walt Disney Laff Revue" and were put on instead of a second feature. Comment cards were issued to patrons. The Bridgeport Post carried a two-column story on it. Out of several thousand comments only 48 favored a return to a second feature. "Tlie idea of combining four Disney shorts this way undoubtedly caught on," said Hariy Michalson, RKO short subject sales manager. Since the Bridgeport test it has been tried at the Poll, Hartford; Palace, Meriden: Poll, New Haven; Poll, Waterbury; Poll, Worcester; Valentine, Toledo; Loew's, Indianapolis; Loew's, Louisville; Midland,"

"New York Jorge Delano Frederic, pubof and cartoonist for Topase, leading weekly at Santiago, Chile, also a pioneer motion picture producer, in this country as a guest of the coordinator of interAmerican affairs, feels that American producers can assure themselves a continuation of their Latin-American market by using more story themes from these countries and by having them handled by South




"Puppetoon Studios Work

Two 8-Hour

work, he has now found it possible to make a sextette of his short subjects in conjunction with his war work. Signing of the pact marks Nesbitt's seventh year with Metro.

rush of work has caused George Pal Puppetoon Studios to go on two eighthour shifts, with the studio open from 9 Most of the night work a. m. to 2 a. m.
being devoted


to finishing

a three-reel



training picture for the navy.


commercial consumption


for Jasper.""

"learning to drive a car Bill Clark, former PRC salesman, decided he didii't ivant to boss the Theatre in Muskegon after all and bought the Richard, former Doc Eiseman house in Flint, from David Klein instead Seaman Peter Kavel, former Detroit manager, postcards from Norfolk, Va.. that he's recovering from an operation and soon hopes to be home on furlough Marguerite Chapman, star of "Destroyer," was in town for a personal appearance at the Fox Also Walt Disney, ivho's working out a soybean short at Dearborn in conjunction with Henry Ford."

"War Heads


rjHARLIE DOCTOR, manager


At Quebec Meeting

aging director of the United Amusement Corp., was host at his Empire Theatre here to the general staffs attending the Roosevelt-ChurchUl conference. There was a big turnout of important officials of the United Nations. Montreal distributors were called on by the National Film Board to send films here for the entertainment of President Roosevelt, Prime Minister Churchill, Premier Mackenzie King and their staffs. Among the films were "Stage Door Canteen," "Victory Through Air Power," two of Walt Disney's cartoons and the short, "Pala." story of the President's dog. While "Victory Through Air Power" was being screened for high staff officers a rumor spread that the officers were attending a .special meeting of urgent importance and that the theatre was being used because there was no room available Chateau Frontenac, conference at the A large crowd gathered headquarters. around City Hall Square and the Empire Theatre to await developments, and military police were called to control traffic."

"Jasper Goes Fishing

Paramount (George Pal Puppetoons) 8I/2 Mins. Tops. One of the finer of the George Pal series is this latest in which Jasper meets temptation on the way to Sunday school when he confronts Scarecrow and his blackbird. The height of imaginative fantasy is reached when Jasper and the Scarecrow cast their lines

into the"

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Stage Door Canteen

All kinds of people who could be caricatured in cartoons.


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089 Reason and Emotion

Title: Reason and Emotion
Studio: Disney
Date: 08/27/43
Running time (of viewed version): 8:28 with Leonard; 7:54 without.
Commercial DVD Availability: OTFL

Synopsis: Emotion is bad, unless it's the emotion we approve, and our enemy certainly must not have reason...

Comments: In the "From the Vault" section of OTFL. Nominated for an Oscar. Great Walt DIsney pre-title. No title card by itself tho; it's in the body of the cartoon (tho not entirely integrated). Little red headed caveman in a leopard loin cloth. Quite the sideview of junior as an adult. If adult junior didn't look like Ichabod Crane, I'm not sure this would look at all like a Disney cartoon to me. Sounds like one though. I like how it acknowledges women want to fuck too (although it also implies having sex is what Hitler wants you to do). Incidentally, the adult desires (not necessarily sexual) should be unfamiliar to kids. I'd say this is directed solely at adults. In retrospect, the listeners probably should have been afraid of concentration camps. The cartoon goes on to say that emotion making you blindly patriotic (and self interested), which is exactly what it was complaining about a few seconds earlier. Baby emotion kinda looks like Montana Max from Tiny Toon Adventures. Something about this reminds me of the characters from Japanese Lanterns. There were blowhards on radio at the time; how odd...

As much as I find the underlying goal of the cartoon to be self serving and idiotic, it's still a well made cartoon.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

088 Dizzy Newsreel

Title: Dizzy Newsreel
Studio: Columbia
Date: 08/27/43
Produced by Dave Fleischer
Al Geiss
Sam Cobean
Chick Otterstrom
Grant Simmons
Paul Worth
Series: Phantasy
Running time (of viewed version): 6:22
Commercial DVD Availability: -

Synopsis: Random anthropomorphic society blackout gags ahoy.

Comments: Multiscreen opening. Some characters actually seem Fleischery (just not animated that way). Sports, with punning "sport" talk. Awesome background shot. I'm not sure if the monkey jockeys have been recolored for political correctness at some point; it seems like the print pre-dates the likelihood of that, but monkeys shouldn't be so pale. The corner man in the boxing match is still dark, too. Miami reference too, in keeping with the old Fleischer move. Three photo headed farmer; creepy, like Monty Python animation. It ends abruptly. I suspect there's one or more blackout jokes cut at the end. While this lacks any story, the cartoon works. As viewed it ends abruptly; I hope the original cartoon would have had something appropriate to go out on.

Monday, August 22, 2011

087 Pass the Biscuits Mirandy

Title: Pass the Biscuits Mirandy
Studio: Lantz
Date: 08/23/43
Ben Hardaway
Milt Schaffer
Paul Smith
Darrel Calker
Song by - Del Porter and Carl Hoefle
Series: Swing Symphony
Running time (of viewed version): 6:42
Commercial DVD Availability: WWv1d2

Synopsis: Hillbillies fight each other, then the axis.

Comments: Mighty toes. Gunplay. Hillbillys (Bartons and Foys), the white stereotype that fulfilled a similar role to black stereotypes in cartoons. Mirandy looks like Popeye (and Mammy Yokum from Lil Abner, of course). Oh, and Magoo. Biscuits as bullets. In some ways, maybe mostly the theme, it feels like a throwback. Except they team up for the war. I assume the axis caricatures are the only reason this was included on the disc, as it's not that good. "We'll shoot the axis til they're dead." First shot is almost 30 seconds long. An image near the end of that first shot really has a late '70s/early '80s face (HB, I think). Color scheme that fits that time too, with the horrible pink/purple shirt and off green hat. I'm not sure if the two fingers is meant to be shooting Vs (the British finger) or not. Extremely repetitive designs.