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BoxOffice, August 14, 1943

BoxOffice, August 14, 1943

"Specialty of the house continues to be the reliable, money-making westerns, with 92 of the outdoor actioners officially announced. Some of these, as in the case of Republic's Roy Rogers' specials, will border on the musical classification, but the greater portion will adhere to the tried-andtrue,

Radio's lineup, including product from Samuel Goldwyn, Walt Disney, Sol Lesser, Herbert Wilcox and Frank Ross, will be composed of about 46 films, 13 of which have been announced as comedies."

It was still being called Super Mouse here:
"Twenty Terrytoons,

all of



Technicolor, which will include a "Super Mouse" series;"

"During the six-month period Atlas added 3,872 of Walt Disney 6 per cent preferred stock to its portfolio. The corporation reported a net asset value of $19.39 on its common. The value was rated at $12.56 on Dec. 31. 1942, and $11.01 on Jime 30, 1942, according to Floyd B. Odium, president. A dividend of 25 cents a share on the common and the regular quarterly 75-cent dividend on the preferred have been voted. Dividends totaled $1,118,611 for the first six months of 1943. Of this, $602,239 was on the common and $516,372 on the preferred."

pshowmandiser before 14: "Bambi This cartoon feature by Walt Disney pleased young and old. So many adults commented on how much they enjoyed it and the children liked it so much. We played on a double bill on Frl., Sat., but really think the patrons came to see Bambi mostly. Weather: Fair. Miss Alice Simmons, Strand, Jefferson,"

p showmandiser 14
"demonstrate to the delight of the legion of Disney fans. This cartoon is up to the Disney standard, which means that it's jam-packed

with laughs."

"Dizzy Newsreel

Columbia (Phantasy Cartoon) 71/2 Mins. Amusing. Animals try their hand in making their own newsreel and the result is comical.

Various standbys of the newsreels are handled in a satirical vein. It all adds up to an entertaining novelty reel."

"Victory Vehicles


(Walt Disney Productions)


Swell. The master's hand is seen in this timely and ludicrous example of how to meet the gasoline and rubber shortage. Disney uses the "Goof" to demonstrate the impracticability of various "Rube Goldberg" contraptions to solve the problems of wartime travel. The "Goof," however, has an idea of
own, a pogo


which he proceeds


be popular."

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