Monday, August 15, 2011

084 One Ham's Family

Title: One Ham's Family
Studio: MGM
Date: 08/14/43
Preston Blair
Ed Love
Ray Abrams
Rich Hogan
Scott Bradley
Directed by Tex Avery
Running time (of viewed version): 7:38
Commercial DVD Availability: Best Foot Forward, French Tex

Synopsis: Wolf comes back at Christmas, and it's Home Alone the prequel.

Comments: Speeding narrator is funny. Big wide mouth on wolf. Then Christmas came. Which makes this an Xmas cartoon in August. It would still be circulating at Xmas of course. In this universe, practical pig ends up reproducing. So hopefully in this universe it wasn't one of his siblings who took shelter with him. Practical is using a more or less Andy Devine voice, tho it sounds a bit more like Pinto Colvig, and isn't nearly as extreme as Andy's voice. Mother pig is busty. I assume the kid is also a specific caricature. Rationing mention. The wolf seems strangely designed some of the time for Tex. Almost blocky. Wolf is vocal caricature too; maybe from our Miss Brooks (no, that would be Gale Gordon, and this is the guy who was like him but not him; also OMB didn't start til '48)? The smear and jump to pose in the cooking section seems not quite up to snuff. "Sucker" keeps coming up. Visual sound effects (boom, bam, biff). I have a drawing from the stuff is coming out shot. Nice lush Xmas tree backgrounds. I wonder if all the socks on the mantle signify that the house is swarming with a giant litter of other piglets who we never see... One of the lessons of this cartoon is that a gun will make you a big man...


  1. Jr. Pig is based on Red Skelton's radio character "Junior, de Mean Widdle Kid." If the catch-phrase "I dood it," appears anywhere, that's an indication that the character is based on Junior.

  2. The wolf is based on Hal Perry's Throckmorton P. Gildersleeve character (whose voice is also charactured in "The Screwball" by Lantz and "Meatless Flyday" and "Hare Conditioned" at Warners).