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083 Super Mouse Rides Again

Title: Super Mouse Rides Again
Studio: Terry
Date: 08/06/43
Series: Terrytoons / Super Mouse / Mighty Mouse
Running time (of viewed version): 6:12
Commercial DVD Availability: -

Synopsis: Supermouse signs some autographs and fights some cats.

Comments: I'm very used to films all being released on the same day of the week now, but this makes for 3 cartoons supposedly released on 8/6, which feels abnormally concentrated for the time (it's not; there's another three grouping this month, and one the previous month; I think it was rarer in '39). The 8/14/43 BoxOffice does not mention this cartoon (tho it mentions the Truck that Flew which came out on 8/6). Not in 8/21. It shows up in 8/28, listed as released on 8/6, and listed as Super Mouse Rides Again. It then appears that way each week. Until 9/18, at which point it is listed as Mighty Mouse Rides Again; it is listed as having received its rating on 9-4 (the day there is a review in BoxOffice for it, where it is listed as Super Mouse Rides Again). So, presumably sometime before 9/18 the name change was forced. Star Wars style side wipe. White move lines. Blue and red. Super mouse must have been dubbed over as Mighty Mouse. Long necks. The autographs still read Supermouse (one word). Disturbing biceps. Very cartoony to catch a ride on Supermouse's shadow. The last Supermouse was released after the last Superman... Grabbing your own tail gag. Cats with tommy guns. And concentration camps. Second stripped tree for the day, tho this one doesn't have panties. The whole idea of taking the traditional Terry farm mice and putting in a superhero really gave Terry new life. Good face acting on the cats.

There is an alternate print of this with Mighty Mouse's autograph instead of Supermouse's:

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  1. Actually the Supermouse name wasn't dropped because of Superman. It took them a while but Paul Terry's people found a comic book from the early 1940s called Supermouse. Terry wasn't about to actually pay the copyright holder for the use of the name - let alone license the character, so he renamed the character Might Mouse.

  2. Mighty Mouse is a lot better name anyway...makes the character there own..