Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Hi Diddle Diddle

Title: Hi Diddle Diddle
Studio: United Artists (Schlesinger)
Date: 08/01/43
Credits: Cartoon Sequence ... Leon Schlesinger Productions (probably Freleng's unit)
Series: -
Running time (of viewed version): 1:12:32
Commercial DVD Availability: Yes

Synopsis: Cartoons frame a movie about a wartime marriage and its related farce.

Comments: The animation doesn't look very much like a Schlesinger production. The opening: the moon shines down on young love that is not the love the movie is ultimately about. The finale: while people loudly hum along to Tanhauser (oh Bwunhilda, you'w so wovewy), the wallpaper comes alive to run away from the singing. (The dogs are as close to Schlesinger as anything else, and they're not close to anything I can think of off hand; Charley Dog a little bit.) The final animated sequence takes place while the couple final couples.

(Update before initial post: the dog designs look like the dog in Friz Freleng's Hiss and Make Up, numbered 92 for the year, released 9/11/43. So I'm going to gues that Friz's unit did this work)

Available for free on Archive.org. The YouTube clip highlights the two animated bits.

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