Friday, August 26, 2011

089 Reason and Emotion

Title: Reason and Emotion
Studio: Disney
Date: 08/27/43
Running time (of viewed version): 8:28 with Leonard; 7:54 without.
Commercial DVD Availability: OTFL

Synopsis: Emotion is bad, unless it's the emotion we approve, and our enemy certainly must not have reason...

Comments: In the "From the Vault" section of OTFL. Nominated for an Oscar. Great Walt DIsney pre-title. No title card by itself tho; it's in the body of the cartoon (tho not entirely integrated). Little red headed caveman in a leopard loin cloth. Quite the sideview of junior as an adult. If adult junior didn't look like Ichabod Crane, I'm not sure this would look at all like a Disney cartoon to me. Sounds like one though. I like how it acknowledges women want to fuck too (although it also implies having sex is what Hitler wants you to do). Incidentally, the adult desires (not necessarily sexual) should be unfamiliar to kids. I'd say this is directed solely at adults. In retrospect, the listeners probably should have been afraid of concentration camps. The cartoon goes on to say that emotion making you blindly patriotic (and self interested), which is exactly what it was complaining about a few seconds earlier. Baby emotion kinda looks like Montana Max from Tiny Toon Adventures. Something about this reminds me of the characters from Japanese Lanterns. There were blowhards on radio at the time; how odd...

As much as I find the underlying goal of the cartoon to be self serving and idiotic, it's still a well made cartoon.

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