Monday, August 22, 2011

087 Pass the Biscuits Mirandy

Title: Pass the Biscuits Mirandy
Studio: Lantz
Date: 08/23/43
Ben Hardaway
Milt Schaffer
Paul Smith
Darrel Calker
Song by - Del Porter and Carl Hoefle
Series: Swing Symphony
Running time (of viewed version): 6:42
Commercial DVD Availability: WWv1d2

Synopsis: Hillbillies fight each other, then the axis.

Comments: Mighty toes. Gunplay. Hillbillys (Bartons and Foys), the white stereotype that fulfilled a similar role to black stereotypes in cartoons. Mirandy looks like Popeye (and Mammy Yokum from Lil Abner, of course). Oh, and Magoo. Biscuits as bullets. In some ways, maybe mostly the theme, it feels like a throwback. Except they team up for the war. I assume the axis caricatures are the only reason this was included on the disc, as it's not that good. "We'll shoot the axis til they're dead." First shot is almost 30 seconds long. An image near the end of that first shot really has a late '70s/early '80s face (HB, I think). Color scheme that fits that time too, with the horrible pink/purple shirt and off green hat. I'm not sure if the two fingers is meant to be shooting Vs (the British finger) or not. Extremely repetitive designs.

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