Monday, December 12, 2011


Title: Rumors
Studio: WB/US Government
Date: 12/XX/43
Credits: - (but Friz Freleng)
Series: SNAFU
Running time (of viewed version): 4:46
Commercial DVD Availability: Snafu Golden, LTGCv3d4 (HD on GAC pre-order)

Synopsis: Rumors are dangerous.

Comments: Man, I hate it when people talk to me in the latrine. Very Blanc-y Blanc on the "bombing weather". A realistic ear at the beginning of the baloney mill. Tent silhouettes. Seussian wackyland bird. Even seussier thing in bed. Is it meant as a good thing for people to see/hear/know nothing, or a bad thing? I think it means that would be good. Which is unpleasant for a government to encourage, I think.

Eric Golberg's commentary says Virgil Ross is animating part of this. Also Gerry Chiniquy.

Hey, there's also a commentary from Mike Kazaleh on this. He brings up Maurice Noble's involvement. He believes it's Tedd Pierce doing the narration.

I believe SNAFU is the most prevalent character in the year, but I haven't actually checked that, and it's kind of a cheat as they're not theatricals. Donald Duck may also have a claim. At any rate, this is it for SNAFU for the year.

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  1. It sounds like Pierce and Maltese as the two guys talking in the tent pictured above.
    Frank Graham is narrating.