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BoxOffice, December 25, 1943

Yowp / Fibber Fox has provided the following:


Pg. 42

20th-Fox Release Dates On 13 Short Subjects

New York—Titles and release dates of 13 short subjects to be released in the first quarter of 1944 were announced by Tom J. Connors, 20th-Fox vice-president of worldwide distribution. Three March of Time releases, untitled as yet, are included.

The complete list follows: “The Butcher of Seville,” Terrytoon,. January 7; “Leathernecks

on Parade,” “Movietone Adventure,” January 14; “The Heliocopter,” [sic] Terrytoon,

January 21; untitled March of Time, January 28; “Realm of Royalty,” Magic Carpet,

February 4; “The Wreck of the Hesperus,” Terrytoon, February 11; “Silver Wings,” Movietone Adventure, February 18; an untitled March of Time, February 25; “A Day in June,” Terrytoon, March 3; “Steamboat on the River,” Magic Carpet, March 10; “The Champion of Justice,” Terrytoon, March 17; untitled March of Time, March 24, and “Sails Aloft,” Movietone Adventure, March 31.

Pg. 59

Disney Making Films In Seven Languages

The Tower of Babel had little on the Walt Disney Studio. Taking advantage of the present market situation and looking ahead to the planting of the Allied flags on enemy-occupied countries, Disney’s foreign language department is working on Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, Swedish, Italian and French versions of a select list of pictures.

Prior to the war, Disney produced as many as ten foreign language versions of his releases. “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs,” which RKO will release after the first of the year, had ten different language versions. The field is one that has been thoroughly explored by the studio and because there is no time limitation on its productions, the distribution residue offers tremendous possibilities. More than half the Disney revenue formerly came from the foreign market.

As production progresses on “The Three Caballeros,” the new musical feature now in work, Spanish and Portuguese scripts are being prepared, with Italian and French versions to follow.

The Russian-dubbed version of “Der Fuehrer’s Face” has been completed and attention now is being devoted to “Bambi,” which has been scheduled next for release in the Soviet Republic.

Saludos Amigos,” which has been issued in all the Latin-American republics, is to be dubbed in Swedish, Italian and French.

The Swedish language version of “Bambi” recently opened in Stockholm to the biggest business of any Disney feature since “Snow White.”

Two pictures in the “Goofy” series, “How to Play Football” and “Tiger Trouble,” are being readied for Spanish and Portuguese versions, as is “The Good Samaritan,” a special featuring Pluto, the Pup and Mammy.

Other productions will be added to the list as facilities permit.

Animated, Inc., to Produce Live-Action Film Inserts

Cartoon Producer Dave Fleischer and Walter Colmes, independent producer, have taken out articles of Incorporation for Animation, Inc., company which will produce animated inserts for live-action films. Fleischer is president, and Colmes vice-president of the new enterprise.

Pg. 60



GEORGE PAL has purchased an original story idea entitled “The Big Rock Candy Mountain,” from Jack Miller and assigned Miller to do the screenplay. Briefie, to be filmed in Technicolor, will star the Puppetoon character, “Rusty.”

Showmandiser, Pg. 5

Star-Giggle Revue Features Cartoons

Dallas—Theatres of the Interstate circuit, particularly neighborhood houses, have made sizeable records in the last two years by putting on advertised extra cartoon shows. In her regular bulletin, Shorts, Interstate’s shorts booker, Mrs. Besa Short, suggests copy for herald or lobby in playing up groups of cartoons instead of the feature picture.

Headed “Star and Giggle Revue Programme,” the cartoon titles and the performers, such as Red Hot Ridinghood, Donald Duck and Bugs Bunny, are listed in regular program form, underneath which are the words, “plus selected feature.”

Following this is copy, “It’s here at last. It’s the show you waited for. Original Hollywood studio cast, famous five stars, all in one big fun show. Blank Theatre, date.”

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