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BoxOffice, December 11, 1943

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Boxoffice December 11, 1943

Pg. 12

Disney Sees Future For Educat’l Films

New York—There will be a great future for educational films, Walt Disney predicts, if educators and film producers get together and agree upon presentation forms with the idea of educating through entertainment. He foresees this is one of the film developments of 1944.

Films will never replace textbooks entirely,” Disney says, “but will supplement the written word.”

He points out the success of army training films as examples. These began with a single-reeler on flush riveting. Now the educational films top all other production at the studio. Other films on health, sanitation, literacy and nutrition are being produced for the Co-Ordinator of Inter-American Affairs.

Disney does not expect any early developments on third dimensional film, but he feels that all pictures will be made in color if the experiments designed to make a single negative sensitive to all colors are successful.

Pg. 40

Adopted by Flyers—

The wolf from M-G-M’s “Red Hot Riding Hood” has been adopted by the 667th Bombardment Squadron, training at Gainesville. Fla., as the squadron insignia. A letter from a squadron member to Fred Quimby, head of M-G-M’s cartoon production, says,
“The modernized wolf is so typical of many of our officers.”

Pg. 56




WALTER LANTZ has purchased the song “Water Lou, Drip! Drip! Drip!” from Del Porter and Carl Hoefle to use as basis of a Cartune by the same name. Ben Hardaway and Milt Schaeffer are working on the script. Lantz is also preparing two more briefies, both of which are untitled, for current season release.

Pg. 57

Disney Studio Faces Record 1944 Year

Having broken all footage records for any 12-month period by a ratio of ten to one in 1943, the Walt Disney Studio faces 1944 with more pictures in work than ever before. Including entertainment and training pictures, some 40 subjects are thus far scheduled for the new year.

All pictures for the armed forces come under the “restricted” and “confidential” heading. In the entertainment field, 13 shorts will be in actual production, with an additional ten in story preparation.

Also in production is the feature-length, “The Three Caballeros.” All the Disney entertainment subjects are slated for lensing in Technicolor for RKO release.

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