Friday, December 23, 2011

128 Baby Puss

Title: Baby Puss
Studio: MGM
Date: 12/25/43
Directed by
William Hanna
Joseph Barbera
Kenneth Muse
Ray Patterson
Irven Spence
Pete Burness
Scott Bradley
Produced by
Fred Quimby
Series: Tom and Jerry
Running time (of viewed version): 7:57
Commercial DVD Availability: TJSCv1d1

Synopsis: The humiliations of being a cat dressed as a baby.

Comments: Silhouette title card. Headless girl. Baby Snooks style kinda sorta? Tom speaks (in deep manly baby talk). Jerry speaks in more of a baby baby talk. Cross dressing burlesque Jerry. Should've been titled "Quimby is Burning." Deals with masculinity and tranvestism and infantilism. Little cat ends up dressed in a Carmen Miranda outfit as well. Off screen butt stabbing. Goldfish in the pants. Too close in time to be a Cleo/Figaro reference. South American style song. Jerry gets castor oiled too, so it's mutually assured destruction all around, which is funnier than one sided destruction. Jerry as a woman bather.

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  1. Also the songs seem to be not MGM but Warner classics from [in the cartoon world] Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies----"Baby Face" and "You Must've been a Beuatiful Baby", and possibly "Pretty Baby".