Wednesday, December 14, 2011

124 Chicken Little

Title: Chicken Little
Studio: Disney
Date: 12/17/43
Series: - (not actually a Silly Symphony)
Running time (of viewed version): 9:43 with Leonard, 8:49 without
Commercial DVD Availability: OTFL/Rarities

Synopsis: Disney shows the value of foxes over poultry.

Comments: I thought the title had beehive hexagons, but I think it's actually chickenwire. The opening advises parents to watch before they show it to their kids. Fucking helicopter parents apparently may not want junior to know that idiots get eaten alive. Everyone in this chicken society sucks. Long thin snout. Pulsing head injury. Fox adjusts his bosom upwards. Apparently Cocky Locky is supposed to be good and trustworthy himself (although he sure comes across as big evil cigar chomper). Chicken Little (the idiot) sounds like Mickey Mouse. Fox wins. This cartoon hates politicians, dumb people, smart people, young people, wife people; I could almost swear this is a pro fox cartoon. Pulling up jitterbirds is about 4 years behind the times.

This dovetails with Rumors...

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