Sunday, December 18, 2011

BoxOffice, December 18, 1943

Yowp / Fibber Fox has provided the following:


Pg. 18

Warner to Have 32 Shorts From January to May

New York—Thirty-two shorts will be released by Warner from January to mid-May, according to Norman H. Moray, short subjects .sales manager. Half of this number will be cartoons, and three-quarters of the total are in Technicolor.

Pg. 105

Bambi” With Exhibit

Hartford— In connection with a celluloid exhibition of Walt Disney drawings at Avery Memorial December 15 to January 10, there will be a showing of the animated cartoon film, “Bambi,” at the Avery Auditorium December 28. Proceeds will be devoted to the Children’s Art Classes.

Showmandiser Pg. 14


No Mutton for Nuttin’

Paramount (Noyeltoons) 7 Mins.

So-So. A new character is introduced in this new series of Noveltoons. The newcomer, a tough black sheep, provides some furious competition for a hungry wolf. The latter spies some tasty lamb chops on the hoof but the black sheep has been reading a book on “How to Outsmart a Hungry Wolf,” and outwits the wolf. Aside from the color, there is little that is outstanding.

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