Wednesday, December 21, 2011

127 Eggs Don't Bounce

Title: Eggs Don't Bounce
Studio: Famous
Date: 12/24/43
by Marge
The Saturday Evening Post
I. Sparber
Story by
Carl Meyer
Jack Mercer
Jack Ward
Nick Tafuri
Joe Oriolo
Tom Golden
John Walworth
Musical Arrangement
Sammy Timberg
Robert Little
Series: Little Lulu
Running time (of viewed version): 8:52
Commercial DVD Availability: -

Synopsis: Adventures in egg obtaining.

Comments: Extensive credits, but tv versions. To cover the theme song I guess. Eyes to mouth. Very unfortunate mammy in this, with retro inverse-Homer muzzle. Late in the game for such a throwback design. Due to Marge's own character designs? Bunch of tandom (ed.: I think I meant random, not tandem) opening gags. Then the egg section. I think Lulu does not look as good as Little Audrey. Kinda like Olive Oyl and Charlie Brown's kid. Interesting surreal section. Santa appearance. Lulu does in fact speak. Very long, without much content. Very late Chaplin reference. Little Lulu in black face (and ethnic accent). Oof. Lulu seems like she has no emotions most of the time. Blank eyes and usually no mouth. Eggs apparently came in a sack in 1943. I thought people used baskets. Egg based Veronica Lake caricature. Devil eggs as a visual pun?

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  1. Pilot episode and looks it, including the extended length of the cartoon. Lulu would eventually fare best in Famous shorts when pitted against an adult male authority figure, where the cuteness could be mixed with comdey violence against her adversary. Those, along with the dream sequences plots, would make up almost 100 percent of the later Little Audrey storylines.