Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Defense Against Invasion

Title: Defense Against Invasion
Studio: Disney/US Government
Date: 12/XX/43
Credits: -
Series: -
Running time (of viewed version): 12:37
Commercial DVD Availability: OTFLd1

Synopsis: Hey kids, get your shots, kinda for the war effort. We need you fit to fight in Korea!

Comments: Flasktastic title. Real life shadows. Multi-culti kids. Fat kid, black kid, white yet ethnic kid, little kid. The fat kid's name is Tubby. Odd drawing of anatomical man. Kind of a pre-cursor to Hemo the Magnificent. Disease looks like Chernabog. Or a spider version of the Axis octopus from Victory through Airpower. Also Osmosis Jones. Better than Victory... because the military is more cartoony. Blood makes this more abstract; but better than Fantasia because it's still actually a thing. With guns! Apparently Disney didn't know what a white blood cell was... The doctor is giving the British finger version of V. In the Hall of the Mountain King and the William Tell Overture. The (kidneys and liver?) look like mickey Mouse.

Not really sure if this is the last Disney for the year. The vagaries of propaganda short dating and all. Anyway, the last Disney and the last propaganda for the blog for the year (barring additional content after 2011).

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