Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Coming SNAFU

Title: Coming!! SNAFU
Studio: WB / US Government
Date: 06/XX/43
Credits: - (Directed by Chuck Jones)
Series: Private SNAFU
Running time (of viewed version): 2:59
Commercial DVD Availability: LTGC Volume 5, Disc 3, Private Snafu Golden Classics

Synopsis: Basically an extended coming attraction for the SNAFU cartoons.

Comments: A cartoon that flirts with "fucked" but wusses out in favor of "fouled". The familiar "you're in the army now" refrain. Remember, that's "you're in the army now, you're not behind a plow, you're digging a ditch, you son of a bitch, you're in the army now". Sexy hosiery poster. Some stills to save on work. Stripper's kinda ugly. "Who's a horse's ass" with a real ugly horse. The humor comes from the way you have no rights after you've been enslaved by the army!

I'm using what I had briefly thought was the dating in the Private SNAFU Golden Classics notes for this and the rest of the SNAFU shorts; the months all jibe with what I had expected, but I had thought the collection provided days instead of simply months; this was from misreading issue numbers as days. Since the days are still an open question (and I'm still not sure what the months signify exactly), the placement in the timeline is no more or less likely to be right based on my current information.

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