Friday, June 3, 2011

058 Who Killed Who?

Title: Who Killed Who?
Studio: MGM
Date: 06/05/43
Directed by
Tex Avery
Running time (of viewed version): 7:58
Commercial DVD Availability: - (French Tex Avery set)

Synopsis: A melodramatic murder mystery is performed in the Tex Avery style.

Comments: Live action open and close (with Robert Emmett O'Connor, from such movies as Public Enemy, the Marx Brothers' A Night At The Opera and Sunset Boulevard; he died from injuries from a fire in 1962). Background shadows. Text jokes. Extreme accent on the victim. BooooLova instead of Bulova. Big gun. While very illustrative of many kinds of Avery jokes, it's not exactly the best execution of them. The organ music may hurt the overall feel, too. Self reflexive theater joke with a silhouette. Very WB looking for an Avery MGM cartoon, but then this is early in his tenure. A painting of Red Hot Riding Hood (more or less). The eyes being independent of their body is a good and interesting bit in the way it is pulled off. The famous unending series of butler bodies. Red Skeleton reference to Red Skelton. Lots of gunplay. Santa Claus appearance. The detective has too many takes; I think it's wrong for his base character.

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