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BoxOffice June 5, 1943

BoxOffice June 5, 1943




Much debated Mission


was the subject of a cartoon on the front page of the Kansas City Star last week. Watching the picture in a theatre are Uncle Sam. an American business man. Joe Stalin, the Russian people and Adolf Hitler. In the background a Stalinite and a Trotskyite are fighting.


of the Russians





shows why we


while Hitler is remarking, "If I'd seen earlier viaybe I wouldn't have tried

to invade



""North Atlantic" -"Popeye" Cash in on "Puck" Plugs

New York Warner's "Action in the North Atlantic" and Paramount's "Popeye" are getting a terrific break in fullpage ads being inserted in dailies in a number of key cities by King Features Syndicate as a plug for Puck, its comic

weekly. The idea of the ads is to convince editors that Puck has the same boxoffice power that Humphrey Bogart packs. "What Bogart is to the movies Popeye is to that nationwide 'Picture-Page-Thea" tre audience Puck the Comic Weekly.' the ads read. It so happens that Popeye is one of the cartoon features carried in the weekly. Warner agreed to the tieup and quarter page stills of Bogart in the uniform of a merchant ship captain are included in the"

"New York Six more shorts remain to be released on the 20th Century-Pox list for 1942-43. These include two March of Time subjects, two Terrytoon cartoons in technicolor and two special Movietonews short features."


Merrie Melodies' Reissues Bolster Schlesinger Setup Leon Schlesinger, cartoon maker for Warner distribution, has announced that 13

of his best "Merrie Melodies" will be re-issued during the 1943-44 season to aug-



production schedule which was

recently cut from a normal 39 to 26."

"Dave Biedermann, vice-president of Cartoon Mlms, Ltd.. producers of short subjects for Columbia, is being visited by his son, Lieut. Paul Biedermann, home on furlough after having received his commission at Yale University as instructor in radio and communications in the army air force. Following his furlough. Lieutenant Biedermann reports to the air base at Roswell, N. M., where he will be stationed

"Greeting Bait

Vitaphone (Merrie Melodies) 7 Mins. Very Good. Ludicrous, indeed, is this cartoon featuring Jerry Colonna Worm, which is designed to tickle the funny-bone of the most exacting of audiences. This time, the mustachioed worm is trained fishing bait used by a smart fisherman to lure the reluctant quarry. The worm almost gets caught himself but he talks himself out of many an embarrassing

predicament, all to the accompaniment robust laughter from the customers."

"Red Hot Riding Hood





Sophisticated Comedy. Red Riding Hood and the wolf are put into a night club setting she as a torch singer and he as a man-about-town on the make. He winds up in the apartment of man-hungry grandma, v/ith some fantastic stunts, while he is trying to escape. It is designed more for adult than child appeal."

"The Lonesome Mouse



8 Mins.

Amusing. Particularly entertaining because it reverses the role of hunter and hunted in the case of the mouse and cat. "

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