Monday, June 6, 2011

059 He Can't Make It Stick

Title: He Can't Make It Stick
Studio: Columbia
Date: 06/11/43 (possibly listed in later BoxOffices as 7/23)
Credits: - (supposedly directed by Paul Sommer and John Hubley)
Series: (Color Rhapsody supposedly)
Running time (of viewed version): 7:07
Commercial DVD Availability: -

Synopsis: An (allegory?) of Hitler as a wallpaper hanger who an't make it stick.

Comments: I do not have all the video to view of this cartoon. It is about Hitler. So I guess it got un-/less used in tv, so now we have an issue. We've got the audio tho. Lot of trash talking in the beginning of the cartoon. Hitler is voiced by the Goofy narrator. Hitler marries a zoftig Gunhild type. Hitler is ghostly pale. They reproduce; the honeymoon has the sound of gunshots. 2 of the kids (one of whom looks like a young George Liquor) imprison/kill the kid who disagrees. There's lots of fake German (I think; but it could just be very accented English, like the stuff I can understand). Everyone is saying the Nazi wallpaper won't stick (or at least that "he will never make it stick"). Then it just goes on in a fevered way, and some ends up sticking on a pig. It's confusing and unpleasant. Why is Hitler in high heels with a beret and a cigarette?
"Jerry Beck
09-05-2002, 03:16 PM
HE CAN'T MAKE IT STICK is a classic - and it may be a lost classic.

When we were preparing TOTALLY TOONED IN, we located the soundtrack and 2/3rds of the picture (the latter 2/3rds) in Columbias vaults. So Columbia has an incomplete version at present.

It's the only print of it I've ever seen. Milt Gross designed the characters. Hitler is the star. Very bizzarre in that Columbia way."

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