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BoxOffice June 26, 1943

BoxOffice June 26, 1943

Walter Lantz 3D discovery issue

"Major Alexander P. de Seversky, recently completed live-action scenes in Walt Disney's "Victory Through Air Power," is here for the world premiere at Harry M. Bessey, secrethe Globe tary-treasurer of Altec Service, has reYork from a week's trip turned to New through the south."

""Victory Through Air Power," Walt Disney's UA subject, will be given a two-page layout in the July 13 issue of Look."


"Walt Lantz Reports Lensing Discovery

Walter Lantz. head of the Universal carlune studio which bears his name. has announced development of a new type of photography which will show the inside workings of intricate machinery, Lantz has ordered construction of a specially-built camera, costing $15,000. and will use the new lensing discovery on a series of training pictures which he is making for the navy. Lantz stated that the new- apparatus will enable them to make rear projection shots with the process screen, and also to shoot three-dimensional pictures."


"Another issue between employers and employees will probably go to arbitration as the result of the request by the Screen Cartoonist Guild for hearings before a board on its demands for two weeks' vacation with pay for SCG members employed at the Leon Schlesinger and Walter Lantz Studios."

""Canine Commandos" and "Ration Bored," a pair cartoon briefies carrying OWI recommendations, completed by WALT LANTZ Cartunes"

"Bambi - hesitated in buying this one as the Disney feature-length cartoons have never done well here. This one surprised me. It was played on a double feature bill and did very well. Played Fri., Sat. Weather: Good. E. S. Tompkins, Winfield, Winfield, Iowa. Farmer patronage. "

p (showmandiser 15?)

"Ration for the Duration

(Popeye) 8 Mins. Paramount Swell. Popeye fans, and their name is leresurgence of the gion, will welcome the gravel-voiced sailor with the can of spinach. It's one of the funniest in recent memory. This short reminds one of the Popeye of old
who threw audiences



stalk. in




a dream version

into gales of laughter. cartoon, becomes an actor of Jack and the Bean-

"Jackwabbit and the Beanstalk

7 Mins. (Merrie Melodies) Vitaphone Very Good. The fable of Jack and the Beanstalk is returning to favor once again. Bugs Bunny crosses swords with the giant and he comes out victorious in this ludicrous cartoon. Bugs is caught trespassing on the giant's carrot patch. The latter tries to punish the cocky rabbit, but Bugs turns the tables. Everyone with a sense of humor will get his or her share of chuckles out of the footage."

"The Aristo Cat

7 Mins. (Merrie Melodies) Vitaphone Good. In a dream, a pampered cat is left alone in a mansion to fend for himself. Panicky at the thought of having to feed himself he confronts two mice, who soon learn he is ignorant of the ways of the world. The rodents, taking advantage of the feline's naivete, sic him on a huge English bulldog. The fur flies when the cat tries to eat the

Who Killed Who


(M-G-M Cartoon) 8 Mins. Good. This release has the spark of originality, though sound effects are a bit on the noisy side. It starts off with a flesh-andblood actor, then lapses into a cartoon mystery. There are many ludicrous situations that will garner laughs aplenty.


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