Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Goldbrick

Title: The Goldbrick
Studio: WB/US Government
Date: 09/XX/43
Credits: (Frank Tashlin)
Series: Snafu
Running time (of viewed version): 3:59
Commercial DVD Availability: Snafu Golden Classics,
LTGC v4d2

Synopsis: Slacking off will get you dead in wartime.

Comments: September is short on regular releases. I assume because it's the diving point between movie seasons (I think). Only 7 regular releases; but two SNAFUs. Even then it's below average (in numbers). Lady butt shot (was than a Kurosawa film?). Goldie has nipply man tits. Hand on a nurse's stockings. Seussian bird. Goldie silhouette. SNAFU actually dies. Turns out the man tits are part of a whiteface outfit on a Japanese agent, which is an unusual kind of race change for a cartoon which are of course by and large white becoming black (well, in America; I wonder if Japanese cartoons frequently used whiteface gags). The cartoon makes the claim that if you lag behind you'll get caught in a booby trap. This is almost certainly the opposite of reality. "Wait for baby"; appears in a regular WB cartoon, yes?
Writing this on Memorial Day. Remember all the goldbrick war dead who did it to themselves...

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