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BoxOffice September 25, 1943

BoxOffice September 25, 1943

p25 "Weshner. who has completed his assignment as publicity and exploitation consultant for Disney Productions on "Victoi-y Through Air Power," will announce his new connection on return from a short vacation. Weshner's contract originally called for 20 weeks of his exclusive services, but it was subsequently increased by ten weeks at Disney's request. He formerly was diE."

"Tlie committee obtained from Hollywood an autographed blouse worn by Miss Durbin in the picture and put it up for auction along with a less glamorous but milkable goat. Various writers and cartoonists contributed manuscripts and original cartoons to be auctioned in the sale as well. The 712-seat house was jammed to the rafters."


go with what people already know:
"In another ad he identified "Seein' Red, White and Blue" as a Pop Eye Cartoon. One ad reads "Also the Truck That Flew" which does not mean anytliing, whereas Ed Rowley jr., in his ad said,

"A Color







"Bugs Bunny, name bands and Disney mean something to the public. Let's"

Polio kept attendance down:

Show Brings

Kids Back In Droves

had lost considerable kid patronage during midsummer as a result of an upturn in infantile paralysis here. With school opening at hand and the disease scare over, Joe Jackson of the neighborhood Varsity and Knox, Interstate houses, decided to do something about it, and arranged simultaneous car-"
"Our aim in having the big cartoon show was to try and get some of the kids back into the theatre. We felt that the best way would be through a giant cartoon show. Our exploitation was simple, but well mapped out. We went to work with but one aim that aim was to let
every kid know about the show. I do beUeve that we informed them all. The advertising consisted of trailer on the screen,





Here are the ads run on the cartoon shows staged by Interstate houses in Dallas to get the kids back in the shows following the close of a disease scare that extended through midsum-



house-to-house distribution or heralds, lobby set pieces, billing on the marquees, special banners, newspaper ads and stories." As a result of Jackson's success, Interstate staged a giant Bugs Bunny Jamboree at six other neighborhood houses with equal success. The jamboree was made up of three cartoons and an extra feature.

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