Monday, September 12, 2011

Blue Ribbon day

I''m not going to do entries on them, but it's interesting to note that WB started their Blue Ribbon reissues on 9/11/43 with "A Feud There Was", a '38 with Egghead, with Elmer Fudd's name on his vehicle. It would get Blue Ribboned again in nine years and one day.
According to Dave Mackey's site, the others for the year were The Early Worm Gets The Bird on 10/2/43, My Little Buckaroo on 11/6/43, and The Fighting 69-1/2th on 12/4/43.

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  1. "A Feud There Was" would get reissued again a few years later and it is that version that is in circulation. I've never seen the original Blue Ribbon version of that one, with that archetypical lettering and fade to black on the cartoon title.