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BoxOffice, September 4, 1943

BoxOffice September 4, 1943

"In New England and in the Midwest the singlefeature policy plus re-bookings of a brace of cartoons to substitute for the second feature is showing satisfactory results in first tests."

"the cartoons appeals."

"Puppetoon Dark 2 Weeks

For Employe Vacations

George Pal. Paramount cartoon maker, has shuttered his Puppetoon studio for two weeks during which all the employes will enjoy a vacation. For the last few months, heavy schedules have had many of the crew working on double shifts."

"United Artists "Victory Through Air Power." composed by Walt Disney, was shown before members of the conference and a considerable number of press correspondents while the Canadian government took advantage of the occasion to screen a variety of semi-official and educational shorts for the representatives of the several countries."

The Elgin was the scene of a private screening Sunday afternoon and evening Walt Disney feature, "Victory of the Through Air Power," which was attended by many officers of the naval, army and air forces stationed here The National Film Board ivas put on the spot by Prime Minister Winston Churchill at the Quebec conference, it has been learned. Board officials took a number of short subjects to the ancient capital to be screened but Churchill let it be known that he did not want to see any war, educational or musical films lohich was what the Ottawa delegation had brought. The program was hastily replaced for a screening which took place in the Chateau Frontenac aroimd midnight one evening."

"Cartoons similar to the above are being mailed by the Paramount publicity department, New York, to newspapers in cities where "For Whom the Bell Tolls" is to play. Al Finestone and Bob Gillham collaborated on the art promotion."

p showmandizer 14
"Down With Cats
7 Mins.
the troublesome cats with the mice pleasantly engaged in ice-skating. Super Mouse comes to their rescue to the utter dismay of the afore-mentioned.



7 Mins. in


Paul Terry cartoon, and just the right kind of short to start the show off on the right foot. A delightful travesty on the Egypt of antiquity with the cartoon characters giving and receiving plenty of punishment ... all in fun
of course!

Super Mouse Rides Again




Funny. The underdog, in this instance several liny mice, have a protector in Super Mouse who comes to their aid against the enemy, the cat.

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