Sunday, September 11, 2011

BoxOffice September 11, 1943

BoxOffice September 11, 1943

"A cartoon-fest, including 30 cartoons at both morning and midnight performances, is being presented weekends at Annie Rooney. "

"A recent Row visitor was Dave Biedermann of Cartoon Films. Ltd.. who was spotted chatting with his many exchange friends"

"One Ham's Family
(M-G-M Cartoon)
chuckles of the midriff variety in this cartoon. Chief comic is Junior Pig, sporting a voice which sounds very much like Red Skelton's. Baby pig is put to bed by his proud parents who soon fall asleep themselves. Curious to learn what Santa Claus look like. Junior Pig tumbles out of bed to encounter the wolf, who disguises himself as Kris Kringle. Junior gives the impertinent wolf a shellacking he'll not



"The Rocky Road to Ruin

8 1/2 Mins. Columbia (Color Rhapsody) Good. The poor but honest newsboy succeeds in this Horatio Alger tale even though it takes him some 80 years. Produced by Dave Fleischer, this cartoon packs many chuckles."

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