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BoxOffice September 18, 1943

MGM caricatures with IDs above. Thanks MGM.
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BoxOffice September 18, 1943

"Columnist Ed Sullivan has named the current




the best animated

short of the year and Los Angeles'



"the funniest cartoon in years." There'll

be more such hits from M-G-M's cartoon-makers

including the further adventures of the popular


and mouse duo,




There's a


on every program

for these intriguing inter-

ludes of fantasy

and good humor!"

"The theatre has an amateur show which goes Monday nights for on the air over an hour starting at 10 o'clock. Tliis is a sponsored program. Trailers with samples of the two cartoon voices are being i-un at both the Fox-Fabian and the Paramount, Brooklyn. Joe Lee. Fox-Fabian publicity director, is handling the campaign with the cooperation of Oscar Morgan, Paramount short subjects sales manager. Elimination winners on September 20 go into the finals. Three $50 war bonds will be awarded to the final winners judged by the theatre audience, and a $25 bond will go to each of the finals winners on the air."

"land, created an innovation in opening days for that theatre by holding over "Best Foot Forward" and "Hitler's Madman" for a ten-day run, including a Saturday, and starting "Above Suspicion" with an "all cartoon revue" of Disney's on a Sunda"

"Harvey Eisenberg, manager of Proven tripped to Boston and New Pictures, Manager Haven on business this week Schulnian of the Webster is running cartoons and western films for Saturday Manager McCarthy of morning trade the Strand reports theatre men in this area are planning to stage a Vic Mature show at the State September 23 in behalf of the Frank Morin of Third War Loan driiie"


papers listed are: "Post-War Planning and Requirements, Landsberg, television productioii. Paramount studios; "Walt Disney Studios a War Plant,""

"Disney Doing a Sequence For Goldwyn's "Arms"

Samuel Goldwyn and Walt Disney have made arrangements for the Disney organization to do an animated sequence for "Up in Ai-ms," the Technicolor comedy with music in which Goldwyn will introduce Danny Kaye to the screen. Based on an idea by Don Hartman, coauthor and associate producer of "Up in Arms," the sequence is already in work and will be presented as part of the climax of the film."

"joined Herman Stahl and Les Bowser in operating Harris theatres in Oil City James G. Balmer resigned as district manager for WaiTier's and rejoined the The Braddock at Harris organization Braddock was posted for sheriffs sale "Three Little Pigs" was Walt Disney's hailed as a classic and the catchy theme song. "Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?" was being sung and whistled by old and young alike. R. F. K."

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