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BoxOffice May 22, 1943

BoxOffice May 22, 1943

Extremely few instances of "cartoon"; lots of instances of Disney.

Salute by Disney
Walt Disney's third salute to Latin-American republics. He has been



cooperation by a group of

visited the studio."

"H. C. Potter will direct the live action sequences, with Major Alexander P. De Seversky, in Walt Disney's version of his best seller, "Victory Through Air Power"

"Reginald Armour, European director for Walt Disney has ar. . .rived here for a short visit in connection with Disney's instructional and entertain-



"War Bonds Are Prizes To Disney GoU Victors

'Walt Disney Studio's first annual golf tournament was held at the Brentwood Country Club with 48 artist-golfers teeing off. Ralph Reed and Paul Scanlon. cochairmen of the event, presented the winners with war bonds donated by Disney."

"N. Y. Pvt. Carl D. Jensen, formerly with Walt Disney studios. Hollywood, more recently with the Courant, is now at "Weatherford,"

very late
"Walt Disney traces the history corn with the color cartoon technique. It has been widely circulated in Latin-American countries. The subject should make a valuable filler for theatre programs, because it is presented with the flair for entertainment which characterizes all Disney productions. Most theatre patrons will learn a lot about corn they never knew before"

Walt Disney Sees South America

34 Mins. present 1 6mm form this subject is intended for non-theatrical distribution. It records Walt Disney's trip through a number of South American countries ac-technicians. It is auite but, if cut, might prove a good theatre short on 35mm stock. It introduces Disney and his associates as human and likable people under a variety of conditions, contains many interesting scenes, and shows how some of his

artists, new

characters have originated sketches made on the trip.

companied by

cameramen and long—34 minutes


characters have originated sketches made on the trip.

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