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BoxOffice May 15, 1943

BoxOffice May 15, 1943

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Wolf," an


cartoon, was voted the best

industry-produced war short of the past year in a nationwide poll of exhibitors conducted by the Motion Picture Herald. Out of the ten best

shorts selected in this poll,


led all other producers with a total of four: "The Blitz Wolf" (Technicolor), "Further Prophecies of

Nostradamus," "Marines in the Making" and"Don't Talk"

P. S.


Aiery iiho


cartoon delights

"The EXiiz WoX^' has done it aga\n\ Watch /or \\h nctr "Red Hot Kiding Hood" and "Dumb-Hounded"

(Book "Prelude



War" Released May



"The extended use of color in the new lineup demands emphasis, Morgan said, and disclosed that plans will be presented

for special promotion on the three technicolor cartoon series, consisting of "Popeye" and the new "Little Lulu" and "Noveltoons." He said the moving of Paramount's Famous Studios to New York insures closer cooperation with the home office and opens up new channels for ideas and talent. Since arriving here, Sam Buchwald of Famous Studios has signed Milt Harris, radio writer, to his staff and expects to utilize other talent to take care of the augmented schedule."

"for the first 16 weeks of this year, there's been a 20 per cent boost in





Walt Disney cartoons as compared w t h"



cartoon-maker's office. Another one is now indicated in a new field publishing. "Dispatch FYom Disney is the name of a periodical "published for employes in the services by employes at Walt Disney Productions." Volume One, Number One. has been printed and mailed. The first issue reflects the same expert craftsmanship that characterizes Disney's film product. Well written, brightly illustrated with typical Disney whimsy, expertly printed, it is a publishing job in which the studio can justifiably take great pride, one which undoubtedly will bring comfort and joy to its 165 men in uniform. Ralph Parker Is the editor."

"Smashed by Disney

The Walt Disney studio in the past six months has smashed every production record ever established by the organization by putting 100.245 ieet through camera, according to figures disclosed by

the studio."

showmandiser p
"Shipyard Symphony


Duty and the Beast

In satirical style, this cartoon explains that the hunting dog is man's best friend. But as the story develops we discover this particular animal is interested primarily in food, saving the lives of a family of pheasants. Then all join in a feast after the hunter is properly put out of the way."

The cartoon technique, with rhythm, has been applied to a shipyard scene. Rivet holes are punched with music, portholes pop open in swing time, cranes drop girders and plates into place in three-quarter time. A very smart number.

"Plenty Below Zero

Columbia (Color Rhapsodies) Good. A crow who didn't go south



7 Mins.

for the

he is about to abandon hope, along comes a fox toting a picnic lunch. The crow attempts to filch the lunch, but ends up by eating a sandwich full of roman candle fireworks.

Just as

quite hungry."

"Private Pluto


(Walt Disney Production)

7 Mins.

these things.

The Boy and the Woli

M-G-M (M-G-M

Technicolor Cartoon) 9 Mins. Good. Though this cartoon tells the ofttold tale of the boy who shouted "wolf" once too often, it's an entertaining short, containing cute characters and a bit of whimsy. It all ends happily, however, when the dog rescues the boy from the wolf, in spite of many previous false alarms.

Socko. Pluto's now in the army and his assignment is to guard a pillbox against saboteurs. Chipmunks on the inside, use the rifles to crack acorns and when Pluto gets in the way, he is socked over the head plenty and good."

"Barnyard Blackout


(Technicolor Terrytoon)

7 Mins.


Excellent. Plenty of laughs in this one. Old Rooster gets settled behind his evening

paper when Old Lady Hen asks him it he doesn't think he ought to fix the blackout curtains. The siren blows and his frantic efforts to cover the windows keep the action lively until he is finally brought in on a stretcher. It is a good number.






takes the career of Joe


(Disney Cartoon) 7 Mins. Delightful. Donald Duck's in the army now

and what happens

enough to evoke laughs from the Mona Lisa. As part of his rookie training, Donald is taken on a long hike. The developments in this long trek form the basis of the story which is upis


He Dood




7 Mins.

(Technicolor Terrytoon)

Good. Mickey





— slightly




dressed up

Superman's green

trap, eats


and red cape.

He bends back a

Exceptional shots of training methods and mass formation takeoffs and maneuvers combine with color to make an interesting subject. Photographed under the supervision of the navy's bureau of aeronautics.

Gosling from a family conference through school and primary instruction, the vanced training school at Pensacola, Fla., his graduation into a full-fledged flier.



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