Friday, May 20, 2011

054 The Lonesome Mouse

1943 Number: 054
Title: The Lonesome Mouse
Studio: MGM
Date: 05/22/43
Directed by
William Hanna
Joseph Barbera
Produced by
Fred Quimby
Series: Tom and Jerry
Running time (of viewed version): 8:06
Commercial DVD Availability: TJSCv2

Synopsis: Jerry needs Tom to have fun, Tom needs Jerry to have a job.

Comments: Unnatural opening sleeping position. Jerry is a dick from the get go. Mammy Two Shoes (Lillian Randolph) is here, making for two mammy cartoons in a row. She mentions sabotage, making for a war reference. Tom as the Sphinx (timely as I write this, as Egypt is in turmoil). Tom has his image on his bed; Jerry makes it into Hitler and spits in its eye. Is this a commentary on runaway mindless patriots taking control? (Probably not). Shadows. Tom and Jerry both speak in this cartoon, which people who lose their minds every time a modern Tom and Jerry speak would do well to remember (Jerry sounds kinda like Cagney and Tom sounds like a big dummy then kind of like Jackie Gleason saying "that's a lulu" (I assume it's a reference to a specific catch phrase); the narrator kinda sounds like Albert Brooks as Harvey Fierstein). Jerry pulling faces. Jerry shakes some dice out of mammy, and hair pins, and buttons, a diamond ring, two tiny piccolos(?), dentures, and a straight razor. And finally her skirt. Maybe it has the secret message of "we need Germany to fight or we'll have no fun". Awareness of the camera. Multiple butt stabbings of mammy. "How About You?" is sung by Mammy.

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