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BoxOffice May 1, 1943

BoxOffice May 1, 1943

This transcript is pretty rough.

"Mesmer." The pros and cons of Mesmer's career will be produced as an M-G-M Minand "Jasper Goes Fishing iature "Good Night Rusty," two new Paramount Puppetoon short subjects, have been put into production at the George Pal Studio"


new employes are being trained by the Walt

Lantz Cartunes Studios to replace artists transferred over to a new Lantz depart26"

"Burton Production Head For Schlesinger Cartoons

Leon Sclilesinger. producer of Warner's "Merrie Melodies" and "Looney Tunes." has named John Burton production manager. Burton, for the past ten years the studio's technical director, wiU function as assistant to Ray Katz, general manager."

"Disney Into




war film production and consequent enlargement of personnel, the 'Walt Disney public relations, promotion, comic strip and story deto the increase of


partments have moved into their own The new building building on the lot. occupies two floors and adjoins the Animation building, which houses the artists and business offices."

p40? "Jasper Goes Fishing" and "Good Night Rusty" are the latest GEORGE PAL Puppetoons to be readied Screenplay lor both cartoons was lor production. writien by Jack Miller with Maurice de Packh composing and conducting the musical score."

"V/ALT LANTZ has created a new department work exclusively on U. S, Navy films."

"Capitol once more stood high among the juveniles by putting on a cartoon shoiv Monday morning. April 26. the first day of the Easter liolidays The National Film Society turned to something else when it featured the all-negro picture. "Harlem Rides the Range." was produced by Dixie Fibns in Texas. The shorts for the Sunday show, permitted by the police department, included tiro OWI subjects from"

(Phantasy Cartoon) character, Willoughby

6 Mins.

U. S. bombers to sink Axis ing in wait for a convoy. All his intervention.

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