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BoxOffice, April 24, 1943

BoxOffice, April 24, 1943




a for

of three series, all "substantial" increase in the 1943-44 Paramount

program is announced by Oscar Morgan, general sales manager of short subjects and Paramount Newsreel. There will be 64 shorts in the lineup. Emphasis is on quality musicals and a maximum number of color subjects. "The public definitely wants color, and important budget increases have accordingly been made to provide for color In every




exception of



Morgan. All cartoons. 24 subjects in total, will have that treatment. The series added are; Eight "Little Lulu" subjects. Based on Marge's Saturday Evening Post character,

these cartoons will be filmed in Technicolor at the Famous Studios in New York. A special promotion campaign will herald the debut. Six to eight Technicolor musicals. These will be produced at the Holljn^'ood studio, and will utilize singing, comedy and musical talent from the Paramount lot. They will be two-reelers. Eight Noveltoons. A series of eight novelty cartoons. In Technicolor, these will be produced to take advantage of individual properties owned by Paramount. They will include such subjects as "Rag-gedy Ann," and "Hunky and Spunky," two

"Paramount is accordingly providing a shorts program designed solely for entertainment purposes." He feels that the entertainment pendulum "has definitely swung to shorts of the escapist type." The remainder of the lineup is broken down as follows: Eight Popeye cartoons, six George Pal "Puppetoons." six Popular Science, six


"Limelighting "Little Lulu" —

Lulu." Marge's Saturday Evening Post character, who will make her botv in a series of eight one-reel Technicolor cartoons on the Paramount



"Schlesinger Cuts Cartoon

Schedule Down; 39

to 26
Because of a heavy schedule of army and navy films and the paucity of personnel. Leon Sclile-singer. after huddling with Norman Moray. Warner short subject sales manager, has decided to reduce his

1943-44 cartoon schedule to 26. all in Technicolor. Program previously called for



"The conference of studio unions at its recent meeting went on record as offering full support to the Screen Cartoonists GuUd in its disagreement with Terrytoons. and to the Screen Office Employes Guild in its demands for increased wages from the producers."

p(before 48)
"DAVE FLEISCHER has announced plans to produce a cartoon with a combination of drawn and photographic backgrounds. Al Geiss is preparing an untitled story"

"VING FULLER, cartoonist and writer recently discharged from the tank corps, has been ticketed to serve as technical advisor on "Gone With the Droit.""

"Mr. Bugs Bunny, perhaps

the tops in everyone's choice as their favorite cartoon actor. What Charlie McCarthy is to Edgar Bergen. Bugs Bunny does everything except figure point rationing for Leon Schlesinger or Warner's."

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