Thursday, April 14, 2011

041 Fall Out Fall In

Title: Fall Out Fall In
Studio: Disney
Date: 04/23/43
Credits: -
Series: Donald Duck
Running time (of viewed version): 7:23
Commercial DVD Availability: OTFLd1/Dv2

Synopsis: A peon to the crappiness of army life, even in the absence of combat.

Comments: Silhouettes in the title card, silhouettes in the opening shot. Significant amounts of shadowing. So much for water off a duck's back. Odd choice for a sun effect. Don seems to have a girl in every port, and possibly a guy or two (a sketch of Pluto also zips by). I wonder if they had to keep this from potential recruits, or if it didn't matter because everyone was forced to join. They still weren't willing to show combat. (Unlike, say, Terry in their Gandy and Sourpuss war cartoons). Tired Don looks a lot like Ludwig Von Drake designs; fuzzy lines. At the end, Don's pack is bulbous and squishy with a darker circle of the same family of color at the longest end of it. The marching music keeps the images coming along at a pretty quick clip for a Disney cartoon.

The following drawings showed up on Howard Lowery in March.

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