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BoxOffice, April 10, 1943

BoxOffice, April 10, 1943

July. Walt Disney's filmization of Major Alexander P. de Seversky's book "Victory Through Air Power." will be released.

"Schlesinger Signed to Animate "Hi Diddle Diddle" for UA Producer-Director Andrew Stone has signed Leon Schlesinger, film cartoon producer, to prepare special animated sequences which will begin and end the story of "Hi Diddle Diddle," the feature he is to make for United Artists."

"Disney Personnel Grows

Because of a heavy backlog of producWalt Disney studio has increased 14 per cent the number of employes in its inking and painting department. Twenty new members were added, raising the


figure to the highest level

Skip Weshner, who has been at the Disney studio for ten days lining up the preliminary phases of an extensive campaign for Major Alexander P. de Seversky's "Victory Through Air Power," the next Disney feature, trained out for New York."

"Withdraw Film Dealing With Point Rationing New York—Changes necessitated within the point rationing system have drawal of the War Activities Committee's six-minute cartoon, "Point Rationing of Foods."
Suggestion that the film be withdrawn was relayed from the Office of Price Administration through the O'WI to the WAC. "

Have a good Smiday...
"Big crowd turned out at the Memorial Art Gallery last Smiday when a program of Disney cartoons was screened"

"Pal Postpones Production Of Puppetoon on "Cabin"

George Pal has postponed production on his proposed full-length Puppetoon musical "Uncle Tom's Cabin." which he will make for Paramount, until early fall. Pal's regular series of Puppetoon shorts, in addition to U. S. Navy training films now being produced, have made it impossible for the studio to handle the full length film until September or October. Pal estimates that the $1,000,000 production will take at least a year to make once shooting begins."

The following Popular Mechanics article features shots from a Pal Navy production:

and some of the models were apaprently sold awhile back:

"Schlesinger on Animation

Producer-Director Andrew Stone has signed Leon Schlesinger to prepare special animated sequences which will begin and end his United Artists Production, "Hi Diddle Diddle." "




PHIL BAKER ticketed


a top

role in



Independent Motion Picture Producers

Ass'n, Leon Promkess with R. E. Young as alternate; Society of Independent Producers, Inc., John C. Flinn with Anthony O'Rourke as alternate; Association of Motion Picture Producers, Inc.. B. B. Kahane with E. H. Goldstein as alternate, Charles


Left Behind." Topline part in

"One Destiny" ossignsd to

lo termer






be filmed

lo all-fish in




"hozvn presenting the checks to Chief Barker Claude Ezell. Contributors included Pete Smith, Carey Wilson, Fred Quimby and James Fitspatrick of Metro; Walt Disney. Frederick Ull-"

p (showmandizer)
"Instead of the usual egg-coloring contests, traditionally an Easter form of exploitation in many theatres, why not conduct an egg-face contest, as suggested by these amusing caricatures 07i eggs? Faces could even be caricatures of picture stars or cartoon characters. Contest should be planned so that entries can be exhibited in foyer in advance of Easter. Patrons could decide the"

p showmandiser 14







(Popeye) 7 Mins. So-so. Cartoon opens with Popeye busily at work painting boats on a battleship, while Bluto is escaping toil by snoozing in one of the boats. Bluto plays sick, Popeye rushes him to the hospital, afterwards peeking through the keyhole and discovering that he's malingering. After many vicissitudes, Bluto comes out on top." Uh, no.

Dumb Hounded

M-G-M A howl. One of the funniest things put on the screen in a long time. A prisoner escapes from Swing Swing Prison, the guard dash out followed by a pack of hounds. Later the


Dumb Hound rambles out, makes a wisecrack, and from that point to the finish the pursuit is full of laughable surprises."




the Armadillo

(Walt Disney) 7 Mins. Excellent. An armadillo rolls up into a ball in his shell, bores into the ground and has fun. Mickey and Pluto descend from a plane at Belem, Brazil, to stretch and Pluto gets some exercise with a rubber ball. Complications set in when he gets the ball mixed up with the armadillo. By the time the plane is ready to leave the three of them Mickey, Pluto and the armadillo are good friends"

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