Monday, April 4, 2011

037 Private Pluto

Title: Private Pluto
Studio: Disney
Date: 04/02/43
Credits: -
Series: Pluto
Running time (of viewed version): 6:48
Commercial DVD Availability: Pluto/OTFL

Synopsis: War and basic hunger collide between conscript Pluto and local chipmunks.

Comments: Shadow silhouette shot opens the cartoon. Still using WWI era helmets in the cartoons. Minimally sentient chipmunks (proto Chip and Dale, apparently canonically Chip and Dale) in a gun emplacement. They're capable of speech tho, which should place them in a higher species rank from Pluto. Reversed track speech some of the time? Insufficient resolution; it just kinda stops after one of many gags. THe physics of impossible tree hiding. The humor of a dog wanting to whiz on a tree. While this may encapsulate the Chip and Dale formula, it's not a very auspicious debut. The one James Bond gun barrel shot may explain the whole Bond opening for me; if Bond is shooting someone in a tank or a big stationary gun, it explains the physics of how one looks at someone through a gun barrel.

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  1. Reversed-track speech.

    (Yes, someone really went to that effort. On the Internet, nobody knows you're a chipmunk.)