Thursday, June 5, 2014

Sammy Salvage - A New Cartoon of 1943

Steve Stanchfield has unearthed a new old cartoon from 1943; Sammy Salvage, from Ted Eshbaugh! Possibly the most antiquated looking American cartoon from 1943 (not low quality, just out of style; very, very out of style). If it's the future, why not see if Thunderbean has issued the short on DVD and buy it from them?


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  2. It’s interesting to unearth some of the best cartoons from that era to understand what was happening at the time in the world. I suppose in the future people will be using our current material to understand us.

  3. Very good still from that one; Out of style or not, I'll take it over Boss Baby and today's other "Cartoons" anytime.:)